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    Pentru fraudarea si incercarea de pacalire a staff-ului, in a obtine helper,. .
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    mai aplica cand implinesti o varsta mai inaintata sau mai stai si tu pe discord sa te cunoastem.
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    Update! -Bhop nu e clar daca ai sau nu. -Aim nu este clar -Wallhack ai avut mai multe faze, le. am investigat atent, este confirmat Alte motive: -Te dadeai mare ca ai main, nu se face pe tonalitatea aia -Ai spus ca un admin este frustrat -Ai spus ca faci cerere de UnBan daca ti se da ban Ne pare rau! BANNED
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    1. Nickname: Coco 2.Steamid(you cant find it here) : STEAM_0:1:219422146 3 Age(minimum 14 years) :14 4. Minimum (25 hours + proof) : I will sent it in private because i don't know why i can't attach it here! 5. Why you want to became a Helper?: I want to help the comunity 6. Did you have rank on another server ?: No 7. How much time can you be online on the server : About 1 hour a day 8. You agree if someone with a higher rank say you did something wrong to penalty you?: yes 9. Are you on our discord server?: yes
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    Nume: Duracell Programe folosite: PS/AE Esti de acord sa predai fisierul ".psd" daca iti este cerut: da Creatia:
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    Nume: oStefan Programe folosite: Photoshop. Esti de acord sa predai fisierul ".psd" daca iti este cerut: Da. Creatia:
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